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Welcome to Montana Custom Tied Flies

Hello and welcome to Montana Custom Tied Flies.  My name is Bruce Johns.  I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana and I tie flies as a full-time job, not a hobby.  I am an award-winning, 2nd generation fly tyer with 20+ years experience.  I personally tie every fly sold and do not sub out any orders.  This is the reason for a small website.  There is a finite amount of flies that I can tie each week and I won't compromise quality for increased sales.  My reputation is everything.

I offer flies tied with the absolute best materials available.  My business philosophy is that quality customer service means never having any customer that doesn't get more than they expect. 

How To Order:

I can accept PayPal, personal checks, or money orders.  Please email me with patterns, quantity, size, color, and any other information and I'll get back with you promptly.

What You Get:

- Flies tied by a master fly tier with an uncompromising dedication to quality

- Highest quality fish-catching designs sold in pairs

- Reasonable prices with free shipping within the U.S.

What You Don't Get:

- Over-flashy, fisherman-catching designs

- Mass produced foreign-tied copies

- Overpriced flies tied by non-flyfishermen

Your Personal Fly Tyer

Fly fishing and fly tying is my life's blood.  After years of suggestions from friends and customers I am finally offering my services to the fly fisherman who seeks the best.  In the last 10 - 20 years the once respectable profession of fly tying has been almost reduced to a hobby through outsourcing but, thanks to the internet, professional fly tyers like myself can once again make a modest living doing what we do best.   

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